Justify Your Trip

Signals 19 is a trip you can’t afford to miss. Here’s a helpful resource to get your leadership on board.

We know that management doesn’t always understand the importance of marketing conferences. We’re here to help you explain why Signals 19 is different, and how attending will improve both your marketing savvy and your professional network. To use this “Justify Your Trip” letter, copy and paste it into an email, customize the template with the applicable details, then send to your boss!


Dear <Insert Manager's Name>,


Good morning. I’d like your approval to attend Cheetah Digital’s Signals 19 conference in Chicago on Sept. 25-27.


This event will deliver exciting, innovative, and important content from some of the top minds in the marketing industry — including Hasan Minhaj, Beth Comstock, Andrew Davis, Ron Tite, analyst speakers, and more. The event will also feature testimonies and success stories led by Cheetah Digital’s CEO and CPO, and interactive workshops with Cheetah Digital’s product experts. (You can learn more about all the speakers at the event here.) This is an opportunity our company can’t afford to miss!


Speaking of affordability, I think you’ll find the investment is extremely reasonable for the value I’ll receive. The total cost to attend is approximately $<X,XXX>, which breaks down like this:


Airfare: $ -,---

Hotel: $ -,--- ($299/night)

Meals: $ -,--- (breakfast and lunch included during conference)

Registration: $799 ($699 if I register by July 31)

Pre-conference workshop: $249 (optional)

Total: $ -,---


And don’t forget about the incredible networking opportunities available at Signals 19, including top marketers from around the world, notable speakers and authors, analysts from Forrester Research, and our industry-leading partners from Cheetah Digital. This includes access to their product experts, client success managers, professional services team, and more. I hope you see the value in my attendance. To get more information about Signals 19, I suggest going right to the source: https://signals.cheetahdigital.com/. Who knows — maybe you’ll decide you want to attend, as well!


Thank you,